Personal Finance & Consumer Studies

Curriculum Guides

American National Standards These standards are based on American information. These offer specific indicators as to what students need to learn from k-12. This is a very good resource that has been developed by the Jump$tart Coalition.

Family Economics & Financial Education “Our mission is to provide educators with no-cost curriculum materials and the skills and confidence to effectively teach family economics and finance to their students.”


Real Life Teens This is a video discussion how money connects teens to their personal perception. This discusses how teens are labelled due to money. This is only a demo video, but offers a link to how you can purchase this video for your classroom.
Teaching Kids about Money A discussion about the importance of students understanding what money is. This is a good resource for the teacher.

Online Resources
Money Instructor This is full of instructional activities and opportunities for students of all ages. A great resource when using the computer.
The City
The City is a learning program developed by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC). It teaches young people financial skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.
Financial Literacy for Youth This is a Canadian website that targets the financial literacy of our youth. The main focus is to assure that these youth understand what they are spending money on and where that money comes from. The first link offers a sample lesson on “Debit and Credit”. The purpose of this website is to spread the word about their conference where they delve into six lessons that assist teachers with this subject.


Financial Football This is a fun and interactive way for students to engage in learning. They will select a team and answer questions to receive yardage and ultimately points.


ABC’s of Financial Literacy This is an article from the national post regarding financial literacy. A teacher brings in a financial planner to assist her students in understanding the recent recession.
NEFE This article is directed towards the extreme need for financial literacy within secondary schools. This is a program that is successful and offers resources as well.

Lesson Plans
Education World This website has lesson plans for all ages. There are additional resources that would be beneficial for a financial lesson or unit. The majority of these resources will fit into any curriculum.
Utah Education Network This is a website full of lesson plans for financial literacy. The primary focus is for kindergarten, grades 1 and two.