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**The Merchants of Cool**
Lesson plan for the video.
Just as you might add to your students’ knowledge of a piece of literature by providing historical context and profiling the author, “The Merchants of Cool,” provides vital background information about key media “storytellers.” Because it exposes motives and techniques, the film is an very useful tool for teaching media literacy and marketing. And because it is about the seattle web design company in their world, “The Merchants of Cool” is sure to hold students’ attention and provide you with an excellent opportunity to engage them in discussions of not only marketing, but as well culture, history, business, economics, ethics, mathematics, health, performing arts, gender stereotypes, literature, social studies, and civics. NOTE: In showing examples from the media it analyzes, “The Merchants of Cool” includes some some adult language and sexual content. Educators are advised to preview the film prior to showing it to students.
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Seth Godin, Sliced Bread and Other Marketing Ideas
In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to ignore the ordinary stuff. Seth Godin- a marketing expert, explains why in this video. He believes that when it comes to getting our attention, bad or bizarre ideas are more successful than boring ones. And young people, not the mainstream, are the ones who are taking to this idea, and are the new sweet spot for the market.
This is a great video that teachers can share with their students to teach them about “thinking outside of the box.” It could be used when students are learning about taking on different ideas, and seeing what works, what sells, and why. This is only an example of one specific selling strategy, so it could be used in conjunction with others as well. It is beneficial for students to experience other people’s views besides their own, and the teachers within the classroom. By viewing a video clip like this, student may gain insight and other views and pick up on some interesting techniques and strategies within marketing that they have never known before. There is a lot of bias in the area of marketing, so for students to see things differently, they will benefit. Students also need to see how they are being manipulated as consumers as well, in what marketers like to call the, “target audience.”-often situated at teens.
View the Video Here

Online Resources

Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing- This is a list of resources that cover everything from pricing to individual marketing. It touches on introductory marketing and advanced marketing. This is one rich list of resources. Teachers need to be aware, for the most part there is no pre-requisite learnings for some of the lessons and you should make sure that you have covered them before introducing some of these activities
Marketing Teacher-This site has a number of useful tools for educators interested in marketing. With a focus on marketing for learners, this British site gives teachers free access to lessons and PowerPoint which are clearly broken down for easy access. With this web-based community, access to the free knowledge exchange and blogging area gives educators around the word to the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers interested in marketing for high school students.
Onine Marekting to Kids: Strategies and Techniques-This lesson is focused on introducing students to the techniques marketers use to target children on the internet. Even though this particular lesson plan is focused on students in grades 6 – 9, it can be used for the high school level as well. Student activities include a survey of the marketing techniques used on several commercial Web sites for children; the creation of a commercial Web site for kids that incorporates common marketing strategies; and an analysis of case studies about online marketing to young people.

Games Simulations

The Market Place Business Simulation -Students will learn through this experiential strategy how to develop and execute a complete marketing strategy, including brand design, pricing, ad copy design, media placement, distribution, and sales force management. Teachers may use this as a major project in their class, with the option to use as a final exam if allowed by your department. It comes complete with teacher resources and guides.


Success Starts with a Good Marketing Plan- by Dr. Maureen Stephenson. This article discusses all the components necessary for a marketing plan in order to reach full potential and to be successful. It discusses everything from goals to ground rules to connecting with your audience. This would be good for teachers to use as a reference to give to students after they have discussed many of the points made in the article. It could be used if the students were implementing their own marketing plan and be used a guide, or as a reminder of what to include. You could also have students ellaborate on what is already included in the article and have them add any more ideas they may have or feel are needed to be successful.

Lesson Plans

Team Up for Sports Marketing-This lesson will encourage students to develop a marketing campaign for a sport team or events.
Marketing Principles – Here are some lessons that will help you teach the basic marketing principles

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