Curriculum Guides

NBEA Management Guide
Evergreen Curriculum Management
Management is not likely to be an entire class, but is worth looking at with students and would fall under one of the optional modules in Saskatchewan’s Entrepreneurship 30 curriculum.

How to motivate employees, this video gives a quick look at how to help in motivating employees, this is a primary function of any manager and there are some good tips here.
Business Management Skills, this video shows how to help bridge the gap in an age diverse workforce.

Online Resources
Aspire Marketing helps companies to revamp their styles whether that be through areas of customer service or leadership within the company itself.
This site answers the question of what does a manager do, and what is expected of someone managing a business.
This site incorporates the five functions of management and gives ideas on how to creatively solve problems.

This is an online game that allows student to experience all aspects of management. Unfortunately it is not free, but there is a trial download to let you see if it something you want to use in your class.

This article discusses the immediacy of information and how it is changing the marketplace and how managers need to use this information.
This is a thought provoking article about how to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions. This is more for the teacher to get ideas flowing.

Lesson Plans
Lesson geared around Human Resource Management
This lesson is about Project Management.