International Business

The following are links to the video The New Rulers of the World. This is a documentary film written and presented by John Pilger. The video deals with the consequences of globalization, with Indonesia being a primary example of the serious problems with the new globalization.

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Online Resources-

Resource 1- This is a link to many different resources that could be used when teaching International Business in the classroom. Resources include case studies, lesson plans, articles, etc.

Resource 2- The following is a link to a glossary of different terms used in International Business. This glossary could be used for reference by students or teachers and could be very helpful with assignments.

Resource 3- This is a link to web based teaching units on various International Business topics.


Article 1- The following article,International Business: Teaching resources/methods, is aimed at teachers who want to teach International Business. The article talks about the importance of teaching this course and different aspects that should be covered.

Article 2-

Lesson Plans-

Lesson Plan 1- This lesson plan, is called International Business Cultures and Marketing Strategy. This lesson has students research business practices in different countries and create a PowerPoint Presentation that they will share with the class. Students will prepare support materials to accompany their presentations.

Lesson Plan 2- In this lesson plan students pretend that they have been hired as in import/export consultant to come up with a product to be sold to an international market. Working individually, students will identify a product, locate a country to export their product to and explain why there is a good market opportunity in the targeted country.


Curriculum 1- Here is a link to a curriculum guide for International Business from the National Business Education Association. The NBEA sees International Business as an area of the business education curriculum that commands center stage in today's global economy.

Curriculum 2- This is a link to a curriculum/outline from which ideas could be taken and manipulated to create an International Business curriculum or guide.


Simulation- This is a link to a simulation game that could be used when learning about Internation Business. Students begin to learn about the concept of value and why some items are considered more valuable than others. These concepts relate to a geographical understanding of natural resources and the reasons why people work very hard to extract resources. This lesson has students go through a simulation to learn about value, abundance, and scarcity and asks them to consider the things that they would be willing to work very hard for. Although this resource is based on elementary grades, it could easily be adapted for older students.