Information Processing

Curriculum Guides
Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum
Curriculum Standards from the National Business Education Association

Computer Basics
Very basic video explaining hardware, software, etc.

The Birth of the Computer
George Dyson talks about the beginnings of the computer.

Online Resources
Tonya Skinner’s Business Education Lesson Plans
Online computer lesson plans and multiple other resources from a business education teacher in Missouri.

Free Typing Games
Free online keyboarding games. Additional resources are also available such as lesson plans.

More free online keyboarding games.

Online Typing Games
Exciting typing games that are online and free!

Carpal Tunnel Fact Sheet
Article that discusses the facts of carpal tunnel and might be helpful in teaching students about the importance of proper technique and health concerns related to technology. – Articles by topic – Information Technology
A website with articles on a variety of information technology subject areas!

Lesson Plans
Computer Science Lesson Plans
Multiple lesson plans available on the subject of computer science and information processing.

Technology Lesson Plans
Multiple lesson plans available about technology, split into specific areas for easy searching.