General Business

Curriculum Guides
Nebraska Curriculum Guide
British Columbia – Business 10

Videos Good video for helping students decide whether they are interested in business. This video gives students an understanding that the world of technology is changing and how it is effecting business.

Online Resources
Great site for lessons and lesson ideas, also has many resources.
Better Business Bureau – this lets the students see the ethical side of business and the responsibility that a business has to the community.
Students can keep up to date on all of the latest news in the business world, great for teachers too!

This site gives the student an opportunity to experience different types of games ranging from choices and dilemmas.

On going AIG bonus scandal. Excellent article to spark discussion with a higher level class.
G20 summit to attempt fix of world economy. This is an important time in business history and this is a good article to get in class discussions going, also could be a class project to meet as the G20 and come up with your own resolution.

Lesson Plans
This lesson gives students a beginning understanding on what to do when experiencing growth.
This lesson will teach students about basic business strategy.