Curriculum Guides
Saskatchewan Evergreen Curriculum
Curriculum standards from the National Business Education Association

CBC’s Dragon Den Videos
This is a Canadian series about entrepreneurs approaching five venture capitalists with their business/product concept and asking for financial support. When watching these episodes it is an excellent idea to stop the show before the verdicts are given and have a discussion with students about whether they think the entrepreneurs will get the support of the Dragons or whether they will be turned down. A follow up discussion is also a great idea to discuss any differences in verdicts between your class and the Dragons.

Seven Questions About Entrepreneurship with Dr. Andrew Zacharakis from Babson College
This video answers seven basic questions about Entrepreneurship and would be a good introduction to the subject area for students.

Online Resources
Entrepreneurship Test
One of many tests that are available online for people to test their personality and skills against those things that make entrepreneurs successful.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development
This website has a variety of resources available for use in the classroom. There are success stories, entrepreneur blogs, publications, and links that will be helpful in delivering entrepreneurship content.

Junior Achievement Canada
Students work through the entire process of starting, running and dissolving a business with the assistance of a Junior Achievement mentor. This program gives students the practical, hands-on experience with the content within entrepreneurship.

Business Start-up Simulation
Offers tasks that will involve all students in setting up their own business.

Johnny Money GameJohnny Money Online Game is a FREE Internet-based small business simulation game that engages students as they explore the risks and rewards of business ownership.”

Business Ideas and Opportunity Evaluation – Ryan Allis
Article covers evaluating opportunities and developing a model (RAMP) to help you make sense of how to do this evaluation.

Commonly Held Myths about Entrepreneurs – Bizland Journalist
Article that covers some commonly held myths about entrepreneurs. Could use this article as a basis for an introductory lesson on entrepreneurship to test what they actually know about the myths and facts.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plan that gets students to examine what their strengths and weaknesses are in terms of a business venture, students will then make a plan on how they can work on improving these weaknesses.

To identify and explain an entrepreneurial opportunity – Evergreen Curriculum
Lesson from Saskatchewan curriculum teaching students about how to identify and explain an entrepreneurial opportunity.