Communication Production Technology (CPT)-


Video 1-
Here is a link to a video called Instructional Technology: Looking Backward, Thinking Forward. This is a short video on the technologies used in the past and the technologies used in the present. It prompts the question, Where is technology in education going in the future?

Video 2- This is a link to a video called, Pay Attention. The video talks about how students learn and how as educators what it is we need to use to reach them - technology!

Online Resources-

Online Resource 1-
Here is a link to an online database of various websites that provide digital video production information for educators. Resources include integration of technology into classrooms, how-to's, information on hardware, software, etc.

Online Resource 2- This is a link to a Saskatchewan based website that offers many different Communication Production Technology resources for teachers. This site includes projects, definitions, curriculum, etc.

Online Resource 3- This is a link that provides online materials for the core modules in the Saskatchewan CPT Curriculum.


Game/Simulation 1-


Article 1-
This is a link to an article called, Media Education in Canada: An Overview. This article is a good reference for teachers to understand what media education is about, why it is important, challenges and the future of this education.

Article 2- Here is a link to an article called, The Impact of Media and Technology in Schools. This article discusses what media and technology is within the school setting, and the benefits students gain from it.

Lesson Plans-
Lesson Plan 1-
Here is a link to many different lesson plans ranging from the Kindergarten level to grade 12 level. Lessons vary from learning technology concepts to creating video productions.

Lesson Plan 2- This is a link to a lesson plan that could be used by teachers in the beginning stages of the course. In this particular lesson plan, students learn the basic camera shots and angles.


Curriculum 1-
Here is a link to a Saskatchewan curriculum guide for Communication Production Technology. This curriculum includes outlines, modules, and lesson ideas. This curriculum is based around the grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 levels.

Curriculum 2- This is a link to a Communication Production Technology curriculum used in Atlantic Canada. This curriculum provides teachers with clear student and teacher expectations. This curriculum appears to be aimed at grades 7, 8, and 9.