Curriculum Guides
Saskatchewan Accounting This is the Saskatchewan Accounting curriculum based out of the evergreen curriculum.

Blind Brook This is a curriculum guide from New York that is very simple in comparison to the Saskatchewan guide. It

Balance Sheets This is a very unique learning tool that has been designed by Craig Reeder. It appears that he is doing a form of distance learning, and has a very creative teaching approach.

Accounting Basics 1-7 This is a small series of videos about basic accounting. The videos are very informative, but can not overly exciting to watch.

Online Resources
Accounting 10 Resources There are a number of resources and lesson plans on this website. Everything is completely free and extremely relevant. The activities seem engaging and will assist the students in their learning process.

Simple Studies This website offers very “simple” examples of how to teach accounting concepts. These concepts can be very confusing thus the reason for this site’s simplified approach.

Money Instructor There are numerous lessons for teachers on this website. The lessons range from introduction to accounting to closing the books.

Bean Counters Games There are 8 games on this website that are valuable learning tools. Most pages require a login which is free.

High School Grades This article discusses how important high grades are in making it to the post secondary level into a business program.

The CPA Journal This articles is a survey completed on students’ perceptions of accounting. It is based on secondary education.

Lesson Plans

Bookkeeper This is designed by a bookkeeper with years of experience. He demonstrates how to complete the whole process of completing business’s financial records.

Careers in Accounting Unit This is a complete unit about careers in accounting that is prepared and ready to be used.